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Rules of Conduct as Governed by the Executive

All members, participants or attendees (hereafter "participants") of Downtown Knit Collective meetings, functions or events (hereafter "function"), are expected to read and abide by these Rules of Conduct. Any participant who is not conducting themselves in accordance with these Rules, as determined by a member of the Executive or other person designated by a member of the Executive (hereafter "Executive"), can be asked to leave the function*.

Participants will:

1. Not behave in a manner which, in the judgement of the Executive, causes a disturbance to other participants. Examples of such behavior include but are not limited to loud, boisterous, or disruptive behavior; talking to others in a way that interferes with their enjoyment of the function; harassment, intimidation, or threatening any person by word or act.

2. Not use any sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive language.

3. Not show disrespect for the rights of others and their rights to enjoy the function.

4. Turn off cell phones and pagers, or put them on vibrate only mode if they must be left on. If a call must be taken, participants should leave the room as quietly as possible so as not to disrupt the other participants.

At monthly meetings, participants will:

1. If they wish to present items for Show & Tell, sign up with the President before the meeting. Speaking time or number of items may be limited either due to an unusually large number of persons wishing to speak, a long agenda, or for any other reason deemed necessary by the President. Persons may place multiple items on the Show & Tell table, but may be asked to restrict the number of items if the table is full.

2. Inform the President of items they wish to have announced, so that the President can make the announcement. Inclusion or refusal of the item will be at the discretion of the President.

3. If late to arrive, seat themselves in as quiet and unobtrusive a way as possible so as not to disturb the meeting. Likewise, persons wishing to leave early will seat themselves nearer to the door so as to leave in as quiet and unobtrusive a way as possible. Participants are encouraged to remain until the meeting is closed.

*Participants in violation of the Rules, as determined by the Executive, will be given two warnings, either verbal or written. On the third warning, the person will be notified that if she/he must be warned again, she/he will be asked to leave that particular function.